I don’t have any particular childhood story for lion’s head meatballs, other than the fact that I remember eating the ones my grandma made, and the fact that I always make it with her special ingredient, which makes it not as traditional, but I really like it this way! Read along.

Two factors make my mouth water when I think of shi zi tou: well-seasoned meat, and tasty broth to go with it. I think most restaurants serve lion’s head with gooey cornstarch sauce, but I prefer a clean broth and fen si, or mung bean vermicelli, that can soak up some of that yummy broth.

It’s getting warmer, and the season for hearty braises will soon be gone, so make this while you can! My sister said “you totally need to post a shi zi tou recipe”, so this is for you, 姐!

lion's head

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