3/12/2019 EDIT***-Thinking about this dough again: it does NOT at all do hu jiao bing dough justice, I’m afraid…..firstly, it should be much bigger, more secondly, more importantly, the dough should have flaky layers as well, which mine definitely lacks. It should probably not even be a yeast dough, but should have an “oil skin” and “oil flake” (see this post to see what I’m talking about)..  

I think the filling was quite decent, but please heed my warning! Many apologies to all who tried it and were disappointed at the interior 🙁 Not sure when I will have time to tinker with the dough.***

Hu jiao bing (胡椒餅) is a street food that was first introduced to me when my Aunt Cynthia dubbed it her favorite snack food from Taiwan. Intrigued by the description of a baked bun filled with peppery marinated pork and tons of scallions, I really wanted to try one!

During Christmas break of 2005, my grandma took me to Taiwan as a early high school graduation gift. I had already gotten accepted into college, so the trip was a big treat that I enjoyed a lot.

I remember eating lots of good food in Taiwan that first trip, but one specific memory involving hu jiao bing stands out to me..

hu jiao bing pepper pork bun

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