Farewell, readers!

Dear Readers,

I have been holding onto this domain just in case I was able to squirrel away some time to develop recipes once again, amidst raising a little toddler and spending time with Mr. ABC Chef. Well, looks like that season won’t be coming any time soon, and I don’t really make money from this site, so I cannot justify paying to keep it! I have really enjoyed reading all your comments over the years, and hearing how you actually use the recipes, and hope that the blog has served you well as a resource for making ABC food! This blog will be shut down on January 9 by my webmaster (Thanks, Gene!!!!!), so please save whatever recipes you like before then! I have saved some of my favorites, and you can also email me at theabcchef@gmail.com if you miss the January 9 date!


Happy cooking,



  1. Michelle

    Loved your website!!! I need copy as many recipes as i can stat!

    • Megan


  2. Miriam

    You will be missed! Thank you for sharing all your awesome recipes 😊 hope you and your family will be well!

    • Megan

      You are welcome! Thanks for writing 🙂

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