Sauteed Mung Bean Sprouts

My dad came to visit us from California this week! When I came home from work every day, I would come home to a hot stove and at least one or two vegetable dishes on the table as a head start on dinner. Thanks, Ba!

We had dinner in Chinatown on one of the first nights he was here, and once we told him how to take the subway to get to Chinatown from our apartment, he went Chinatown-happy. For the next 3 days, he went to Chinatown once a day and came back with groceries every time.Needless to say, the fridge was exploding with groceries and leftovers, because not only was there the groceries I planned to make and our CSA pick-up, but also the food and groceries my dad cooked or bought.

On one such Chinatown run, he came back with a big bag of mung bean sprouts because “they looked fresh”. They were indeed very fresh, because they didn’t get watery or slimy after just a few days.

Most of the time, mung bean sprouts are eaten as an accompanying component of the meal, whether in pho, pad thai, zha jiang mian, “Asian” salads, or whatever else. However, in this case, we can sautee the bean sprouts for a slightly crunchy and easy vegetable dish. This dish requires absolutely no skill, short of washing vegetables and cutting a tiny bit of scallions. I hope you’ll give it a try!

mung bean sproutsSauteed Mung Bean Sprouts

1 1/2 tsp oil

1 lb bean sprouts (about 4 cups)

2-3 scallions, chopped


1) Heat a pan until it’s hot, then add oil.

2) Add the bean sprouts and sautee until the bean sprouts start wilting and turning more translucent. Add the scallions and keep occasionally until all the bean sprouts are fully translucent.

3) Season with salt and serve as a vegetable dish.


  1. Peggy

    You didn’t mention snipping off the brown tips one sprout at a time?

    • Megan

      I’ve gotten lazy! No snipping off brown tips..but I know, that is the “Best practice” way 😉

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