I’m alive, I’m alive! I didn’t disappear. Please don’t leave me :O

Sorry for my AFK-ness. In the past few weeks, I’ve been so busy and tired I haven’t had time to post anything new.

I have a post in the works that I need to upload pictures for; one of my favorite EVER pastries of all time that you won’t find easily on the east coast (at least not in the greater Philadelphia area)…Stay tuned for that; you will definitely want to make it!!

I started the beginning of my week by buying $100+ worth of baking ingredients. A friend of a friend is having his wedding reception in the US, and is trying to do the desserts on a very tight budget. They asked me if I would do it (so here I am, doing it for cost of ingredients + $50. Cheap labor 🙁 ), so here is my haul of ingredients after Monday evening (the second ShopRite trip in TWO days!):


Baking ingredients galore!

So far, I’ve made something like 20 cups of Swiss meringue buttercream and two full batches of cake (due to a mess-up).

Exactly what am I making? I’m making a super-tall 9 inch cake(done!) for them to cut at the wedding, along with 400 cookies (4 types). Oh yea, my husband and I are also ‘dropping off’ the goodies near the GW Bridge, en route to Long Island. Crazy times! I’ll be posting a recap once all is said and done (with recipes), so be on the lookout for that!

Soon, your ABC chef postings should continue with its regular schedule..

Thank you for your readership, my few but faithful readers! 😀