I love fruit, and unfortunately, some of the fruit that I love is only in season for a short time (eg cranberries and cherries).  Thank you God, for modern invention of the freezer that allows us to preserve goodies like fruits.

My best friend who lives in VA texted me a few days after my birthday saying that she was at the mall and that if I didn’t tell her what I wanted for my birthday, she would have no choice but to give me a Williams-Sonoma gift card, which is “so lame”.   I couldn’t think of anything, so I told her to get me a shirt because I rarely go shopping. Several hours later, a lightbulb in my head went off, and I texted her saying that I totally should have asked for ice pop molds instead! Oh well, I’m sure she had left the mall already, anyway…

Come Saturday, I saw her and voila, ice pop molds! Surprise, successful 🙂 Thanks, Jeska!

I didn’t have any appropriate ‘seasonal’ fruit, but  I did have a big bag of cranberries squirreled away in the freezer after stocking up around Thanksgiving time. Cranberries may not be in season now, but the ones I used were at least picked when they were pickled in the prime of their season! 🙂

Cranberry Lime Popsicles

Makes 6 4-oz popsicles (I have the Tovolo Groovy Molds)

cranberry lime pops


6 ounces cranberries (about 1 1/2 cups)

1/2 cup white sugar

1/3 cup water

zest of 2 limes

1/2 cup whole or 2% milk

1 1/2 cups limeade


1) Cook cranberries, sugar, and water together until the cranberries soften and burst open. Add lime zest and milk.

2) Blend all together in a food processor or blender until it is as smooth as possible.

3) Refrigerate until cold, at least 2 hours.

4) Pour cranberry mixture into ice pop molds (about 1/4 cup).

5) Freeze until the top layer of the cranberry mixture is solid; about 20 minutes.

6) Add about 1/4 cup limeade to ice pops. Freeze until the top layer of the limeade is solid; about 20 minutes.

7) Add about 1/4 cup cranberry mixture to ice pops. Stick the popsicle sticks in and freeze until fully solid.

cranberry lime pops

No limeade


-The limeade section is rather icy- tastes like icy sweet lime juice…if you are like Tim and don’t like this, multiply the non-limeade ingredients by 1.5 to get enough for 6 “pure” pops.

-Make your own limeade by juicing 3 limes, then adding sugar and water until it is a little sweeter than you like. -You can use any sort of citrus (orange, grapefruit, lemon) and then the corresponding juice for the middle layer. Only use the zest of one orange/grapefruit/lemon!

-Jeska and other non-dairy folk: I am almost certain this recipe will work just as well with a dairy milk alternative. (Just not water- not enough oomph/body)