When I first started this site, it was to document pictures of the food that I had made, because I had this “problem” (depends on how you look at it) of forgetting dishes that were in my repertoire. When people found out that I liked to cook, they would ask me, “What kinds of food do you cook?” My answer would be …”Umm….a lot of stuff. Everything,” which I realize is probably not a very satisfactory answer for some to hear, including myself!

In my senior year of college, Cafe 1010 was born as a way to justify my ideas for the latest culinary experiment. $5 for a serving (so cheap, right?) of whatever I was making that day. Meals I made included green curry, zha jiang mian, meatball tagine with couscous, Manhattan clam chowder with homemade crusty bread, lu rou fan, Parmesan chicken with spinach and mashed potatoes, and curry fried rice with breaded pork chop and napa, among other things.


Thank you, Albert, Byron, and Clinton, who took a chance on me to write these reviews! 🙂 (Clinton’s review is filtered, funny enough).

During the days of 1010, my crowning achievement was providing a meal on last minute notice for some hungry college boys. Byron and Clinton wanted to have a man date catered by 1010; no meat was to be found in my fridge or freezer, and yet the vegetarian meal I made them got thumbs up and left quite an impression with them!

My friend Albert was my cheerleader and best customer; thanks Albert for your long time support! (All Yelp pictures were taken by him, as well as this Zha Jiang Mian picture taken in my apartment)

After college, Cafe 1010 sadly closed its doors. What was next? Instead of using the blog to post pictures that made people hungry, I thought that instead, I could use the blog as a place of instruction.

People always talk about finding a niche, so I wondered..what was mine?  Hence, ABC Chef was born! 

I decided I wanted to diligently post consistently for at least a year, to see what would happen. Lo and behold, I noticed that some of my links started getting to the top hits of Google searches! What a nice affirmation that people were actually appreciating and using the site. It was time to get a real website without a subdomain. Hence…here we are!

My friend Gene will be my new webmaster. He got the site up and running and re-directed from Blogger in a very short period of time. Check out his website here! Thanks, Gene.

Regular posts will continue very soon, so please subscribe and enjoy!

What is your favorite Chinese or Taiwanese dish that you wish you could make at home?