Mushrooms are delicious! There is no type of mushroom that I don’t like. King oyster. Shiitake. Oyster. Portabello. Enoki. Cremini. Morels. Black trumpet. The textures, tastes, and appearances all differ, and it’s like a whole different world out there! I am sad for all those people who don’t like mushrooms. If you are a mushroom hater, don’t give up! Keep trying different types of mushrooms until you find one you like..

My personal favorite (considering cost) that I use a lot is the king oyster or king trumpet mushroom. My mom and I affectionately refer to it as the baseball bat mushroom. It is very hearty and does not leach out too much water, as long as you don’t cook it too long, and cook with high heat. And the texture!

This dish pays homage to shredded pork with bean curd, xiang gan rou si (香乾肉絲), commonly found on Chinese restaurant menus (especially at Shanghainese places). I made a variation of this dish in college for two guy friends, and they gobbled it up!

Try this at home- it’s good. Promise!

What’s your favorite type of mushroom ?

Xiang gan xin bao gu si
Shredded King Oyster Mushroom Stir-Fry

1 Tbsp oil
1 red bell pepper, thinly sliced into 2 inch lengths
2 king oyster mushrooms, torn into slices a little wider than bell pepper strips
1 small onion, thinly sliced
8 oz dou fu gan (bean curd), thinly sliced to the length of the bell pepper strips
2 tsp soy sauce
Salt to taste (~2 tsp kosher salt)
Chili oil to taste (optional)

1) Heat a pan until it’s hot, then add oil.

2) Saute dou fu gan and onions together on high heat. You want to try and get some nice browning on the onions and dou fu gan.

3) Add the bell peppers and mushrooms and continue to cook on high, just until the mushrooms are tender (try one to see!). Don’t overcook!

4) Add soy sauce and salt to taste.

5) Transfer to a dish and drizzle chili oil on top if desired.


-As for with all stir-fries, if you have a weak stove like mine, you are best off cooking in batches so that you get some nice browning and that your food actually gets sauteed, not boiled.

-If you can’t find king oyster mushrooms, the best substitute would probably be enoki or shimeji mushrooms, or a mushroom that doesn’t leach out too much water when cooked.  For a last resort, use thinly sliced button, baby bella, or cremini mushrooms, and saute first in batches, over high heat so that they sear rather than boil.