If you haven’t already heard about no knead dough, you should definitely try it! As a working-outside-the-home person (for now), I always have to plan out any yeast excursions in advance, otherwise I run out of time to finish in time. No knead dough is even better, because even though I still have to do some planning, the active work time is minimal at best.We’ve made pizza twice in the past week; I made a double batch of this dough for a party of 6 (Tim, me, and 4 of his friends) and we definitely had leftovers:

 Jim Lahey’s No Knead Pizza Dough
makes dough for 4 10-11 inch pizzas


3 3/4 cups (500 g) all purpose flour, plus more for shaping the dough
1/4 tsp active dry yeast
2 tsp kosher or sea salt
1 1/2 cups (350 g) water


1) Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap or a silicone lid.

2) A nice dotted surface should start to appear as you are waiting:

3) After about 18 hours, your dough will be ready for the next step. The amount of time will vary with the room temperature; the dough is done with it has lots of small dots at the surface. Generously flour a work surface, and dump the dough out onto the flour. Sprinkle flour lightly across the top of the dough as well. Use a bench scraper or a knife (in a pinch) to divide the dough into 4.

4) For each piece of dough, sprinkle both sides with dough, and then make four folds. As you are making these folds, the dough should not be sticking to your hands. If they are, dust the dough with more flour. The first two folds are towards each other, then turn the dough 90 degrees make the other two folds towards each other. If you need to, tug gently on the dough to increase the surface area of the dough before starting the 4 folds. After folding, gently shape the dough into a ball.

5) Let the dough rest for at least 15 minutes before you shape them.

6) To shape, watch this video by the master himself:

How to Make the Pizza

With a pizza stone:
1) 1 hour before you want to bake your first pizza, preheat a pizza stone in your oven to as high as your oven will go. When you are ready to bake, move the stone to about 6 inches away from the broiler element, and turn the broiler on.

2) Place your pizza dough round onto a very well-floured pizza peel; add sauce and toppings.

3) Using short back and forth sliding motions, transfer the pizza from the peel to the stone.

4) Bake under the broiler for 5-10 minutes (depends on the volume of your toppings), until the cheese is browned or you see blistering on the crust. Rotatethe pizza halfway through cooking, if the browning/cooking is heavily favoring one side.

5) Allow pizza stone 5 minutes to heat back up in between pizzas.

Without a pizza stone
1) Preheat your oven to as hot as it will go, ~30-40 minutes before you want to bake your first pizza.  It may not take as long, if your oven is better than ours!

2) Place your pizza round onto a piece of parchment paper that is on a cookie sheet; add sauce and toppings

3) Bake pizza for 10 minutes, or until the cheese is browned and the crust is crisp .

Our oven has a really weak broiler element that likes to turn itself off sometimes..no blistering here 🙁 But, this is asparagus, bacon, red onions, mushrooms, and mozz (no sauce)

-I used my funny whole wheat bread flour again, and I used 1000 grams of flour and 810 grams of water. I think this dough would be fine with some whole wheat flour; start with 100% all purpose flour so that you can see how wet the dough should be. Then, start with replacing 1/3 of the white flour with whole wheat flour if you like; you will need to add more water than for 100% AP flour. Keep in mind that the texture will change with addition of whole grains; your crust will not be as crunchy/crispy as with 100% AP flour.
-I started my dough on Thursday night at 10 PM, for a Saturday 1 PM bake, which makes for a 39 hour dough. I put the dough in the fridge right away, and separated and folded the dough at about 9:30 AM, and left the dough at room temperature, covered with plastic wrap, until I was ready to use it.
-Flour your pizza peel liberally! You will regret it, and your toppings will too, if you don’t.