*Edit*- Broiled Eggplant with Shrimp recipe and Sweet Dry Curry recipe+photo coming soon! πŸ˜€

So, what have I been cooking these days? My copy of Simple Thai Food just arrived last week, and I only had time to sit down with it sometime over the weekend. I headed to Hung Vuong and stocked up on the ingredients I needed to make some of these delicious Thai dishes. In addition to the salad pictured, I made the green mango with fish salad, as well as the sweet dry curry with pork and long beans, and the pad see ew with chicken! All turned out quite delicious. This broiled eggplant salad was the only one I had a picture of πŸ™

Broiled Eggplant with Shrimp (cilantro is only on part of it because of Tim’s hatred of cilantro πŸ™ )

 I also really craved some childhood foods, for some reason….

Made you2tiao2 油村for breakfast

Had jian dui as an afternoon snack. 

Jian1dui1 (don’t know the Chinese characters for this)

Sorry, you’ll need to buy Leela’s book to get the Broiled Eggplant with Shrimp recipe!

I didn’t like the youtiao recipe as much, so I’ll just post the jian dui recipe here very soon..

Notes for you tiao:
-When I made them, they did not taste as ‘crispy’ as the ones you buy in Chinatown or the San Gabriel Valley. Maybe it’s because of the missing ammonia ^_^ I’m going to try a recipe that includes yeast next time, and will share my findings! For using in ι£―η³°, it was good enough for me because there are the competing textures of the rou4song1 and nuo4mi3.

Notes for jian dui:
-I did not let the jian dui rest after wrapping them, and I used closer to 15g of filling per ball. 
-To get the sesame seeds to stick, you can either dunk the balls in water briefly, then roll them in sesame seeds, or just plop the balls as-is into the sesame seeds. The dough should be slightly moist, after all.
-Wantanmien tells you to make each jian dui one at a time! I couldn’t be bothered to stand there for 72 minutes to make my 12. I fit as many could fit at a time in my saucepan (about 6) and just made sure to stir and flip often.
-Make sure to check the temperature of your oil (302F), or in my case, do a trial jian dui and realize that the oil was far too hot to cook through all the dough without burning the outside first!