Hello readers!
As I was looking through a slideshow some of the most popular food blogs of 2013, I realized that the majority of them are written by Americans. The two that are written by Asian or Asian Americans mostly feature either self-described “pan Asian” or “modern Asian” cuisine, neither of which I am huge fans of.

Where are the popular blogs written by the American-born Chinese people that consistently feature authentic Chinese and/or Taiwanese food, along with the diverse melting pot of other cuisines that immigrants brought to America? I can think of some, but there are only a handful.

As I think about the food that comes from my kitchen, it reflects my American-born Chineseness. I have some Asiago and salami (made my sister and her Italian-Slovenian husband) waiting to be snacked on. Yet, I also have ripening “Chinese sauerkraut,” also known as 酸白菜 (suan1bai2cai4) in the pantry that is almost ready to be cooked with lamb to make some noodle soup.

Even though I occasionally or even often dabble in other cuisines of the world, my food dreams and cravings are still Chinese. Going to the Chinese grocery store makes me want to fill my cart to the brim, and even if the cart isn’t full, my brain is overflowing with dishes I want to make next.

So, I bring you this blog’s new identity as the home of the ABC Chef.

I think I am currently experiencing technical difficulties with feedburner, so please be patient if the blog still appears in your feed as “Adventures in Culinary Pursuit!”