As my husband and I track all our expenses, I see the value in home-cooked meals. Many many meals at home amounts to the same cost as eating out only a few times. This is just more incentive for me to cook as much as I can at home!
Here are some “categories” of meals to make- inspired by a website that I can no longer find 🙁

Monday: soup/salad/sandwiches (all or some or one)
Tuesday: pasta
Wednesday: crockpot
Thursday: stir-fry
Friday: pizza
Saturday: something new
Sunday: something easy

My own ideas:
-curry (think of the possibilities! Thai, Indian, Japanese)
-beans and rice
-葱油饼(scallion pancakes) and 稀饭 (Chinese rice porridge)

I am using these “categories” as some guidance of what to cook when. It’s really helpful- creativity but some boundaries so that you don’t go nuts jumping from idea to idea.