Apologies to:
-people who need exact measurements… this recipe is completely improvised, and has no real measurements…but for cooks who have even a little experience, it should be a piece of cake!
-Thai people…I’m pretty sure this is NOT how authentic red curry is usually made.

With said….

I have tons of ingredients in the freezer and pantry that I’m currently trying to use up, so, using my freezer inventory as my guide, I decided to make red curry from frozen red curry paste and coconut milk.

-Heated up the coconut milk, but it unfortunately didn’t separate , like Leela says it should. I’m wondering if they some sort of emulsifier in the coconut milk? Chaokoh brand next time!

 -Added a few spoonfuls of red curry. Adjust for spiciness and chunkiness level.

-Added picked-through-lentils (there wasn’t much to pick out) and make sure there is at least 2:1 ratio of water:lentil.

-Covered and cooked until lentils were 3/4 way done, adding more water if needed, then added cubed, unpeeled sweet potatoes.

-When both lentils and sweet potatoes were done, I turned the heat off and threw in a bunch of baby spinach.

-Serve with brown rice! I used a mix of brown rice and pearled barley.