In ABC Chef’s Baking stash

My baking staples have often or currently include(d):

-AP flour (all purpose)
-whole wheat flour
-unsalted butter
-buttermilk <–used in so many baked goods, especially in whole grain goodies, like found in Good to the Grain. I have used yogurt OR milk + 1 T. vinegar instead…
-dry milk powder- since we don’t consume milk straight from the jug, this is great for when recipes call for milk.
-baking powder
-baking soda
-bittersweet chocolate- I’ve been a big fan of 72% cacao from TJ’s; I’ve read not to use anything darker than 60%, but I find their 54% (?) not chocolatey enough
-assorted nuts
-espresso powder (great for making Espresso Blondies or adding 1/2 tsp to any chocolate baked good to bring out the choco-ness)
-cocoa powder; Dutch processed and natural
-vanilla beans (make your own vanilla extract!)
-*white sugar

Extra stuff
-almond extract (for Biscotti)
-dried, unsweetened coconut (so much nicer to be able to add your own sugar)
-Hershey’s kisses for PB Choco kiss cookies
-raspberry jam (great for PBJ Thumbprints)
-dried fruit , such as cherries, cranberries, mango, figs, papaya, and raisins, for granola
-*using white sugar and molasses instead of brown sugar is turning out to be a great way to use up the 25 lb of white sugar that T got me from Costco…….1 cup white sugar with anywhere from 1 Tablespoon to 1/4 cup (4 Tablespoons) molasses, depending on how dark you want it.
-pumpkin seeds
-wheat germ-great for adding to muffins and granola
-flaxseed – great for adding to muffins and granola
-beet and spinach powders <–natural food coloring
-citrus (I’ve sadly yet to use orange zest..)
-coconut oil <–experiment with vegan pie crusts / baking ?
-oatmeal (cookies and granola?!)


  1. Matthew Liaw

    Ever tried caster sugar? Works wonders for cakes and pastries.

    First time I tried looking for it but no one really carries it. So…I just put a few cups of granulated sugar in my magic bullet, blend and Poof! Nice superfine sugar that can melt quickly for baking purposes.

  2. meggers616

    oo. I have never used it, but i have made "powdered" sugar in my blender before from granulated sugar 🙂 what kind of stuff have you been baking?? funfun.

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