eggs + herbs

What do you eat when it’s almost bedtime, but you want something small and savory, and all you have are herbs and eggs?

an omelet!

Herbed Omelet + Cheese
-2 eggs, beaten
-a few pinches of salt in the eggs
-handfuls of chopped herbs (I used green onions, parsley, and basil)
-Grated hard cheese (Piave, Parmesan, Parmiggiano-Reggiano, whatever you want. I think cheddar would kind of ruin the European-ness of this..)

1. Heat a cast iron skillet to medium heat with enough oil to cover the pan
2. Spread your well-beaten eggs on the bottom of the pan
3. Sprinkle herbs evenly across the top of the eggs (the higher up you go from, the more even it will spread)
4. Lift up parts of the egg with the spatula to let uncooked egg dribble down into the pan
5. Cook on medium/medium low until the egg is no longer runny. You can flip if you want, but I only used 2 eggs, so the eggs cooked pretty quickly.
6. Grate cheese on top or inside, and fold it thirds…or in half. however you want !


  1. happileeeverdenver

    Mmm! Gotta try this one. We love eggs and just stocked up on a bunch of herbs. 🙂

    • meggers616

      Might I suggest some julienned sundried tomatoes if you have them, too? 🙂

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